TOP经纪商 2017

OptionFair$250 85% 加入
CloseOption$590% 加入
IQ选项$10 90% 加入
24 选项$250 70-88%加入
BD SWISS$10085%加入
STICK PAIR$20085%加入
Anyoption$25094% 加入
Utrader$200 85% 加入
最好的二元期权经纪商 2017 |

新的交易平台或二进制经纪人选项的出现已经金碧辉煌 - 目前有超过 400 交易平台是从微不足道的数字组成的长飞跃时二元期权交易最初开始在操作 2008.

有了这样高的数字, 这是不可能的单一监管机构单独管理的二元期权, 交易软件以及外汇行业. 然而, 网上交易的日益普及基本上已经导致建立各监管机构与主要目标,以保护网上交易. 这个目标是通过提供一些监管机构的,其主要工作是监督经纪人的最佳实践实现. 在近几年的技术进步导致了券商一长串贸易商可供选择, 大部分谁提供用户友好的平台,贸易商从其它诱人的好处部落除了交易.




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    Binary option Bonus

    A binary choices bonus will give you with extra cash to trade with, typically at no cost with no deposit, however additional typically as one more proportion of no matter quantity you deposit to your account (A ‘deposit match’ bonus).
    Binary choices brokers’ area unit perpetually keen to draw in new traders. One in every of the most strategies for gaining new custom is to supply a bonus. These will are available several forms, from the easy deposit bonus or harmless trades, to additional complicated packages of coaching aids and sophisticated gadgets – broker’s acumen to tempt traders, new and recent.
    Here we tend to list and compare all bonuses and make a case for the key points to making sure that any bonus taken may be a real profit and doesn’t become a supply of frustration. We tend to explore a number of the common kinds of bonus, and once the proper time to require it would be. We tend to conjointly discuss a number of the pitfalls, and why all that glitters, might not be gold.

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